Simply put, a misting system involves a series of nozzles set in a small tube and attached to a fan, which sprays fine mist across the surface of the bedding. The size of the mist needed will depend on the size of the bed and will be determined by how many nozzles are available. This also determines how much air pressure the bed must provide – the higher the pressure, the more rapidly the bed will cool. As such, this system works best when there are plenty of nozzles available and when the air pressure is low.

Why Purchase an Outdoor Cooling System With Misting Nozzles?

Generally, the best way to install a misting system in your home is to purchase an appropriate unit and ductwork already installed. However, if you’re not confident in doing this yourself, a reputable plumbing contractor can do it for you at a reasonable cost. The nozzles themselves are very simple, consisting mainly of a long metal tube with two nozzles at the far ends, connected to a large pump. Behind the pump is a water storage tank, from which the water droplets are sprayed onto the bedding. The pressure in the system is adjusted by adding or deducting water from the tank, via the nozzles, until it reaches a comfortable pressure.

If you wish, you can expand on the above, by purchasing a system that includes a humidistat or other temperature controller. For most homeowners, however, the main benefit of a misting system remains its ability to cool quickly. Whether it’s for your patio, home office, poolside area, or RV, the mist can quickly reduce the temperature of the air around you. This is especially important if you live in an area where the summertime temperatures soar, day after day. The nozzles can be easily adjusted to direct a stream of air over any target area, without causing any damage to your roof or surrounding areas. Many of today’s modern designs also feature UV inhibitors, to help protect people who may be sensitive to the sun’s rays.

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