A few years ago I was fortunate enough to work as an employee of The Timber Company located in Walla, Washington. Considered one of the leading timber companies in the Pacific Northwest, The Timber Company specializes in harvesting trees for various markets including home building and real estate. In addition to harvesting trees for their wood products, The Timber Company also provides many services to help their clients with land management and forest clean-up. At The Timber Company we value our environmental responsibility and strive to make sure that all of our waste is recycled or reclaimed. click for more information

How to Know Timber Companies and Timber Investment Companies

Timber Company

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to work with our company in Walla, Washington while attending the University of Washington’s Forests and Wildlife School. Here I learned about logging issues and how important it is to the economy of our state to protect our forests. As a former employee of The Timber Company we were very interested in learning more about this industry and the role our public lands are playing in supporting our economy while reducing pollution and protecting our environment. As we gathered additional information we realized that our state government was quite concerned with preserving our natural resources and needed help from private industry and associations to achieve that goal.

After completing my studies I have been involved in a number of efforts to eliminate logging on our public lands in the state of Washington while promoting responsible forestry investment companies that respect the rights of our native peoples and promote healthy living and environmentally sustainable forestry practices. In this role I have met with many government officials, including members of the House and Senate, state legislators, as well as local businesses and residents in the Walla and North Slope regions. Together we have been successful in reducing logging in these areas by 50 percent while preserving and improving our ecosystems.

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