Pest Control Technicians is an essential part of pest control in CTRLPESTS – Charlotte NC. Pests can become a real nuisance and cause damage to property when left unchecked. A pest control technician must possess a high school degree or the equivalent. State laws require that these employees are professionally licensed that usually includes completion of an approved training and passing an examination. Some states also require completing a background check as part of their licensing requirements. A pest control technician should be experienced enough to handle all pest control issues, whether they involve residential, commercial or agricultural pests.

How to Hire a professional pest control company?

There are a number of companies in Charlotte that employ pest control technicians. Some of the major pest exterminators in the Charlotte area include Advanced Pest Control, Inc., Pest Control Professionals of America Inc., and Chemist Pro Services, Inc. Some other smaller pest control companies are C&M Pest Management, Inc., Chemical Guys Pest Control, Inc., and Morehouse Pest Control.

Professional certification is not required by state laws in North Carolina for pest management technicians, but many pest management organizations do encourage their members to become certified. This is good practice and makes for a more safe, stable and knowledgeable working environment. It also provides pest management technicians with a more professional appearance and increases the likelihood of raises on their employment records. Having the ability to differentiate between the difference between a pest and a rodent, and being able to identify which insects bite which rodents can make a huge difference when it comes to avoiding costly litigation with insurance companies.

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