The H-2B Visa | Vanhack nonimmigrant program allows employers to hire foreign laborers to come to the United States legally and perform specific temporary labor or nonagriculture services on a seasonal, peak-load, or intermittent basis. An immigrant who obtains a work permit through the H-2B Visa program can stay in the United States permanently if the employment is approved by the USCIS. This visa program is available to most countries of interest in Asia, including India, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


These visas are available through the federal government’s Electronic Residency Entry System (E-RES); it is administered by the Social Security Administration. In order to apply for an E-RES, an applicant must provide personal information, financial information, employment history, and details about his or her employer. In order to verify information submitted, photographs must be provided as well. Unlike some other types of visas available, it is not necessary for prospective workers to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. However, if education is a factor in your choice of country, the visa will be granted with a restriction that states that those with only a high school diploma or equivalent are not eligible to apply for the visa.


Each country has a different set of rules and regulations regarding the employment of foreign workers. For example, India caps the annual inflow of temporary workers at 20,000. The cap for the United States is currently set at the number of foreign workers that the United States wants to admit each year. To learn more about the visa programs for different countries, visit the United States Department of State’s website.

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