You know the feeling… you go to one of those “Melbourne SEO Experts” forums or search engine optimization (SEO) chat groups and they’re talking all day about ranking for free, getting loads of traffic and getting tons of customers. You’re probably fighting them off right now: low quality, cookie cutter website developers jamming your e-mails and phones up with false promises of top rankings and page one placement. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that they’re not giving you much in the way of SEO in return, either. They just want to make a few sales off of you.

melbourne seo experts

Getting the Most From Your Search Engine Rankings

If you have a solid online presence with a blog, articles, press releases and solid linking structure (which are vital if you hope to achieve any real ranking success – which is why most online businesses look so shabby in comparison to their more successful counterparts that have invested in well-designed, high quality business links), then you don’t need any of the above. However, you need the above if you want to get any real ranking success. There are two types of SEO services, those which focus on increasing link building and those which focus on increasing your online presence.

Good SEO practices generally mean pulling in quality backlinks from authority websites and directories such as the likes of Yahoo, MSN and the like. It’s important that any site you link to has a decent reputation and isn’t notorious for bringing poor quality backlinks. Also, search engine guidelines state that you need to have pages of content on your site that are related to the topic of your backlink campaign. You don’t want to come across as spam, after all. Finally, search engine guidelines state that you should include quality content on every page of your website, as well as a few pages linking back to each of your pages. If you can manage this standard of creating quality backlinks and great content, then you’re certainly going to benefit from using good Melbourne SEO services.

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