france lotto results today 2021

If you are wondering how to get France Lotto results today, you can simply visit our website and look up the past drawings. The results of France Lotto are available at the same time every day, including Saturday and Sunday. The previous draw has been archived on this webpage, so you can see them before the official draw. If you want to check out the odds for the French Lotto, you can find them on the REVIEW tab. Click here –

France Lotto Results Today 2021: The Samurai Way

The France Lotto was last produced a jackpot winner on 27 September 2021. The lucky winner walked away with EUR2 million, or approximately R35.7 million. The jackpot for this lottery, also known as France Powerball, is EUR29 million, or R520.7 million. Next week’s drawing is scheduled for 22:00 South African time on Friday, 22 November 2021. If you’d like to see the latest results, check out the website.

The jackpot of France Lotto is a cool EUR30 million, or about R545.7 million, as reported by La Francaise des Jeux. The lottery was last produced with a jackpot winner on 14 November 2020. Two lucky winners walked away with EUR14 million each. The most common winning numbers seem to stay the same over the years. The least drawn number is 39, which has only been drawn 178 times.

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