Brow Lamination

The practice of brow lamination northern beaches, also known as bonding of the brow, has been around for many years but is growing in popularity and can be found on many people’s brows today. Basically the artist applies a thin layer of wax or plastic on the surface of your brow and left to dry. When you are getting ready to get the procedure done, there are a few things that you should know. First, most waxing salons will not perform this procedure unless you have previously completed waxing or had it performed previously. Second, blowlamps, and even brow leveling kits are not necessary to get great results with this service. Lastly, you need to have a clean brow.

An Alternative to Waxing Your brow

Northern Beaches has many professional browlamination studios that can provide you with a blowlamp for your convenience. You will want to have the wax applied by a professional because if you apply the wax and then try to remove it, you can cause damage to your skin. This type of wax is specially designed to melt under the skin and stay put.

The process involves numbing the area with anesthetic and then gently applying the wax in gentle circular motions to your skin. When finished you will be given a special rinsing cloth to remove any excess wax. It is important to allow the wax to set overnight otherwise the next morning you will find that the area around the brow is chapped and peeling. Once you are satisfied with the color, shape, size, and texture of your brow, you can choose how long the coloring lasts.