Killara Childcare Centre

killara childcare centre

Killara Childcare Centre situated in the beautiful Indian state of Kerala, is one of the leading child care centres in India. It has been established with the aim of catering to the all round development needs of the children here. The centre was started in 1985 by Amariya Kumar and was later managed by his wife Kari. The center is named after the first child to come out of the centre, named Killara. Since then the Killara Childcare Centre has grown to be one of the most popular child care centres in the country.



Killara centre is basically a non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of the children here. They run a number of education and health programs for the children here including Primary, Secondary and Special schools and also provide training to parents on subjects ranging from nutrition to art. There are separate areas for the children depending upon their age and development. In this center, teachers are appointed for each level so that the teaching at each level is given due importance and appropriate treatment is given to the children. Apart from the education and health programs, the centre provides extra facilities to the families by providing an environment free from all tensions and pressures of work.


The various activities carried out at the Killara centre by the teachers include music, dance, gymnastics and many more. The children here learn various skills and knowledge such as communication, socialization, trust building and punctuality. Kari and Amariya are the founders of this centre and they are still very much involved in running the educational program here. This center has managed to create great links with various other organizations across the country which helps them in reaching out to even more families and offering them better services. It has also helped the center in becoming one of the leading child care centers.

Working Towards Nqs From a Certified Child Care Provider

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Working Towards Nqs From a Certified Child Care Provider

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